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How to Magically Win with Bitcoin Ptah Kidane

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Bitcoin Ptah Kidane & Atum Ra Game „Win or Win“

Welcome to my revolutionary and unique Bitcoin gaming website, the likes of which you have never seen or experienced before. I am unknown to most of you; however, rich governments like the USA, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Norway, and Israel know who I am. The well-known media (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Spiegel, Bild, and many more); the Bitcoin diplomats, stock market professionals anyway. Including very well-known personalities such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. I therefore recommend; that you click on the rhetoric news sites to understand how this Bitcoin game came about in the Corona lockdown phase. There I have made my sent news available for you to read, which you can refer to at any time. Once I have started the new Bitcoin game "Win or Win"; as the unique Bitcoin Ptah; then you will understand; how important the rhetoric news 1+2 page is for you; because nothing is worse than sailing a ship without a compass.

By participating in this "Win or Win" game, your future changes fundamentally in abundance. In the last game, I magically caused the Bitcoin price to rise to $67,000. Using the techniques of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, such as the Sun King Ptah. The true magic of the Sun Kings was, and is, real. To adapt this magic to our time, I had to cross the regularities of the universe. Elon Musk was my first model student who believed in it, and deservedly profited enormously from it. This Bitcoin game has nothing to do with luck; because there is a lot of work of metaphysical energy behind it, which is unknown to many of you. In the meantime, I have accepted this gift as a gift from God; which I want to use for the benefit of humanity. In the Bitcoin game "Win or Win" I intend this time to conjure up the Bitcoin price above the 100,000 dollar mark. All you have to do is follow my instructions; and it is best; to join in as soon as you have received the metaphysical formulas from me that guarantee your profit. 

The Bitcoin Ptah Magic Game only serves to finance the Gravity Generation Machine; because the creator god Atum Ra has announced that a Supervolcano eruption is imminent for mankind.

However, I must add here; that I have developed this unique Bitcoin Ptah game only to enable the production of the gravity generating machine; and the self-charging battery. After all, what good is all the money in this unique magical game if I don't use it wisely? For this reason, I have found a balance between love for all of you and science; to realize my goals with the help of access to matter and antimatter to realize the gravity generating machine as a priority; to offer mankind the advancement of space, to spare it from the impending supervolcano eruption; and to bring about worldwide prosperity in abundance. I'm saving the self-charging battery for a rainy day, because I fear that mankind is currently very careless about drilling for lithium. Only I have all these solutions for my future technologies, and I'd rather die before I publish them unpatented. That is why I am being fought hard by all heads of state with manipulations of all kinds, which is why I have decided to leave Germany forever to set up a space research and invention center; as soon as the 100 million most willing Bitcoin investors have downloaded my unique BTC Ptah K App, you will see the countdown counter set to zero, the new BTC game will start from 2025 at the earliest.

Ancient Egyptian Magic is a Cocktail of Bitcoin Kidane Telepathy, Hypnosis, Telekinese, and Metaphysics

Many failed when trying to copy me to take over my developed Bitcoin game, which is why this time I decided to give everyone on this earth access to wealth with this website. Once the countdown counter is brought to zero due to my full payment from the world leaders, the faster this process happens, the faster I can start the Bitcoin game "Win or Win". Since you are the people, and your country's politicians are supposed to be working for you, only you can speed up the start of this game, because I will only use my Bitcoin Push magic once your country's leaders have paid for my service. However, before that, you all have to wait until I am in my motherland Eritrea and have updated my Eritrean account number on my donation account from the capital Asmara. And this process depends on the German government, which is currently doing everything in its power to prevent me from leaving Germany in the hope of obtaining or stealing my magic and future technologies. However, this is actually impossible because the magic comes from my subconscious. I am the sole boss there, and no one in the entire universe has easy access to it. Unless I deliberately want to perform the magic, and that will only be once the countdown counter has reached zero for you to see. You can speed up this process by persuading your politicians, who already know the truth, to let me go from Germany without resistance and to pay me as soon as possible. In this way, you have also made your contribution to winning for free, and then all you have to do is relax and follow my magic words, and the jackpot will come flying to you effortlessly, depending on your stake. Therefore, I can only recommend you to urge your heads of state to confess the truth so that your magician Ptah Kidane can start his Bitcoin Push service as soon as possible. The game can be that simple!

In this Game, the Rich get richer and the Poor get ass well richer!!!!

With kind regards

Your Bitcoin Ptah Kidane