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How to Magically Profit from this News 1 Bitcoin

The creation of this Bitcoin game is based on a true story. With my involvement in politics from the end of October 2020, my moral courage has turned into a fight for survival. I got involved pretty much everywhere I thought I could see a connection to the whole picture. First my apartment was bugged; then my computer was hacked; by Media Control Germany; and finally my e-mails, which were initially sent; via the Outlook account at the end of October 2020, were deleted. In it, my letters to Queen Elizabeth II, as I elicited from her the old Chinese casket of the 1600s, were better returned to its owner to get rid of the curse tainted. Then the beginning of my DAX motivation was to be read; before I started to push Bitcoin with Elon Musk. For this reason, my emails start with the date December 5. 2020; presumably the manipulators wanted to cover their tracks and industrial ideas stolen from my computer unnoticed; to get rid of me because of my cancer. That's why I had Ex-President Donald Trump's hacker hacked to protect my life. Since that time; I had leverage against Media Control and decided to take revenge against all traitors and the best way to do it is to take what you desire most, THE MONEY. Since they stole from me several times; I was prepared that they would do the same with my Bitcoin game. What you didn't know is that this game rises or falls with me. This is my second life insurance policy; which is why I immediately feel; when I'm being attacked in bitcoin. You can compare it to a singer feeling his fans.

You will also notice; my positive development in these e-mails; as my suggestion rhetoric became more and more progressive. If you compare all of my predictions in it with our current time, you will see that most of them have come true. You will also recognize; my rhetoric and strategies used by the media and politicians. I assume you underestimated my fighting spirit.