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How to contact BTC Ptah K more easily

Dear interested parties,

I am happy to answer all your questions regarding the game "Win or Win" by e-mail. I understand your concern as to who you are entrusting your donation to in the first place; or transferring your money to a stranger. First, I offer participation to all governments and all types of investors; who already know me only through my emails sent to the popular media. And secondly, it means a lot to me to keep the trust; I have built up with my Bitcoin diplomats and exchange professionals in the long term. I know that these people trust me, and nothing should change that. In lieu of a donation; and offer you here the Bitcoin Bible BTC Ptah K App; which you can purchase soon.
If you have read my news pages completely; then you will understand why some states secretly put the Pegasus software on my cell phone and computer to get any useful information; which is why I do not have a secure phone network until the expansion; and for this reason I deliberately chose to have only email correspondence. With the start of the upcoming BTC Ptah K game "Win or Win"; you will see for yourself; that you will never need to ask me questions; because I already know them.

In the near future, by February 2024 at the latest, I plan to release a paid BTC Ptah K app intended for 100 million Bitcoin/crypto profit enthusiasts. It will be managed by external cooperation partners, and your upcoming questions will be securely forwarded to me. I ask for your patience at least until then; because our cooperation can only get better.

Your trust is very important to me, which is why I ask you to only ask questions related to our Bitcoin game. And you will receive an answer from me as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!