Countdown: 350.000.000.000,- Euro

How to Magically Win with the BTC Ptah K App…

70 % of your investment in the BTC Ptah K App will go into researching my concepts for the self-charging lithium battery, which will reduce the load on future electric cars by 90 %. I finalized this idea in my head in April 2021 for safety reasons, it just needs to be implemented. This idea alone will revolutionize our entire future.
And for space exploration, I saw and drew the gravity generation machine from my vision of the future. This idea will enable the manned exploration of space; especially for Mars.
20% of your investment in the BTC Ptah K App will go directly to my future children's foundation; which will prioritize the supplementary education of disadvantaged children in the third world. With this kind of motivation, you will be more grateful and useful to all of us.
After your heartfelt donation, and or purchase of the BTC Ptah K App; then you just have to be patient; until the countdown counter is at zero; and you are in the year 2025 at the earliest. If these requirements are met; you will first receive an announcement via the global media that the BTC Ptah K game "Win or Win" will start at a predetermined time. This usually happens a week in advance; but without guarantee; due to the AI's and algorithms set on Bitcoin Ptah Kidane by his persistent competitors enemies, and enviers who intend to decode his Bitcoin success secret. Once Ptah Kidane's ceremony with the Creator God Atum Ra was successful; and He was able to open the Luck Portal; then you can see your future winning strategy on the Winning Formula page; which will inevitably bring you only the Bitcoin/all crypto profit. With the difference that this time your winnings will be higher than in His first Bitcoin Trial game from October 2020 to November 2021.
The BTC Ptah K app allows us; via the integrated notification service; to send you the magical secret messages for your gigantic crypto success; without any delay. Based on the recent experience of the last game, I know that the government hackers, AI programmes, and algorithms are planned for my future Bitcoin Ptah game "Win or Win". That's why the new BTC Ptah K app is a useful tool to help us all win. Purchasing this BTC Ptah K app will most likely be the best investment of your life if you have the desire to grow your money with cryptocurrencies. Of course, the future children's foundation will be happy to receive your spontaneous donations. However, it is more important to me personally to keep you safe with the BTC Ptah K app, because my Ancient Egyptian magic will knock your socks off. You will hardly be able to believe your eyes at this time. A lot of people/ entrepreneurs/ politicians since November 2021 have tried to imitate my magic by ambush and fraud, but I couldn't call it magic if everyone could imitate my unique magic. Therefore, you are in safe hands with me. I only do my best to fulfil my Atum Ra God's mission by producing the gravity generating machine. And that's because a supervolcano eruption awaits us in the near future.
While the BTC Ptah K app is still so cheap, I recommend you take the early bird offer. I could easily have charged 25 times as much for this unique service. As you know the quote from Michael Gorbachev; "Life punishes those who are late!" I emphasise again, I will not start the Bitcoin Ptah game before 2025 because I have given my word to President Trump. It is now up to Him what He does with His unique opportunity for immortalisation. By buying the BTC Ptah K app, you have not only invested in yourself, but also in the as yet unknown technologies of the future, and at the same time you have invested in the education of disadvantaged children.
Donation account: DE74 6625 0030 1000 2021 09