Countdown: 350.000.000.000,- Euro

How to play with Rules in the BTC Ptah K’s Game?

The prerequisite for starting this game is that the countdown counter reaches zero; only then will the exact description of the procedure, adapted to the $100,000,- course and taken from the metaphysical level; be visible in the winning formula navigation bar. With this formula you are guaranteed to win at least 10 times your donation.

It doesn't matter whether you are a private individual, stock market professional, Bitcoin shark, investor of any kind, or government. Especially for governments, this game is a blessing; especially after the grueling Corona lockdown period, which caused the first wave of inflation before the Ukraine war.

With the launch of the upcoming BTC Ptah K game from 2025; after the publication of the BTC Ptah K winning formula here on this Bitcoin Ptah website; please note that you must strictly follow the instructions of the magician Ptah Kidane himself. Only in this way can he guarantee that you will be among the winners. If you become too greedy and ignore His advice, no god will be able to help you. However, Ptah Kidane is confident that everything will go well this time too; provided the solar storm does not get ahead of us.

The more of the people mentioned above who participate, the more profitable the BTC Ptah K game "win or win" will be for everyone from 2025 onwards. The sooner the world's heads of state join forces and transfer the 200 billion euros previously requested to me, the sooner the BTC Ptah K game "Win or Win" can begin, and the sooner the space states can look forward to the gravity generation machine. Otherwise, everyone in the world will have to wait for the profitable BTC Ptah K game "Win or Win" until the 100 million most willing Bitcoin investors have downloaded the BTC Ptah K app. The faster way would be through the world's heads of state, but there is no way Ptah Kidane can force the world's population on their luck; to get their heads of state to sincerely cooperate with the true Bitcoin magician Ptah Kidane. One thing should be clear to every single person in the whole world, only BTC Ptah Kidane can open the portal of happiness.