Countdown: 350.000.000.000,- Euro

Why you win with BTC Ptah Kidane Magic Game

This Bitcoin Game "Win or Win" is designed; to push the Bitcoin price over $100,000; before we can all go for the next goal together. After the goal of this game has been reached, it is very likely; that the price will fall to $60,000, which I personally think is a good thing. Because it makes no sense to hoard the money; you have won; when you can invest it profitably in the companies of your choice; firstly to stimulate the economy and secondly to distract the people from crime by keeping them busy. All the good you give always comes back, just like the bad you give. The universe is unpredictable when man violates its laws, sooner or later. With your participation in this game; you can only win; if you follow my instructions, as the Bitcoin Sharks did recently. You will learn very quickly to become a Bitcoin Shark too. You will have to be prepared to activate your alarm clock; because the start time is different due to world times; and after my starting signal, the price will rise very quickly. Entering later will certainly minimize your profit. That's why I like to say that life punishes those who are late.

The Bitcoin Push Magic is an ancient Egyptian magic; which ensures that the price of Bitcoin rises at record speed; as in the period from October 2020 to November 2021. The Bitcoin Ptah Kidane Game was developed during the lockdown phase out of boredom; to first help the shaky economy, and then the goal of creating a gravity generation machine followed. This magic is a telepathic hypnotic suggestion; which is performed metaphysically, and was last used by Ptah in Memphis (Egypt) in 3100 BC. This service is free for the worldwide people, only the worldwide governments have to pay the starting fee. As soon; as this is done; the people receive instructions from Ptah Kidane; which strategies must be executed; so that everyone can win their personal jackpot. The website (www.bitcoin-game-of-sunking-kidane.com) is therefore an important tool for the people; to always know where they stand. Nothing is worse; then steering a ship without a compass. Therefore from now on; the website is the compass of the people's ship.

Ptah Kidane was born with His extraordinary gift, which is a combination of telepathic, telekinetic, clairvoyant, and metaphysical abilities; which He performed unconsciously through matter and antimatter until December 2020. Prior to that; He was interested in psychology; philosophy, science, engineering; and martial arts as a hobby and invested a lot of time in them. Until December 2020; He found it difficult to believe in God; because, like scientists; He found no evidence for the existence of God; and therefore clung to cause and effect. He had the feeling that there must be something higher; but because of the unjust life; He doubted the existence of God; because the logic of faith was inexplicable to Him; and no man could answer His legitimate questions. Just as an example; Pope Francis has still not answered the questions; he asked in October 2020; why Jesus has white skin, and what a European looks like; if His country of origin is supposed to be Bethlehem. The second question is that according to today's scientific view; no birth is possible without a male seed, and why Mary was able to give birth to Him? 

While Kidane was waiting for answers to these questions from Pope Francis for some inexplicable reason; the first Creator God Atum Ra Himself appeared in December 2020; speaking to Him first; and then showing Him behind. He received all the answers to which no human knew the answers. He let Him look much further into the future; and gave Him the solution to the gravity generation machine; which is very important for the survival of the human species; because in the future humanity will have to leave planet Earth. He explained to Kidane why He has always been extraordinary and gave Him helpful tips on how to find out the full truth. That is why it took Ptah Kidane almost two years; to find out the name of the first Creator God. To find out the truth, however He had to fly over all religions; until finally His own prophecy began with the eruption of the volcano He had predicted on La Palma. Ptah Kidane is the phoenix; that was brought back to life from the ashes. And this prophecy only happens to the one who existed with the first Ptah 3100 BC, and left this message for His successor on the black Benben pyramid stone. So Ptah Kidane is His blood relative, and that's why He has this extraordinary gift. 

Out of boredom; Ptah Kidane launched the first test version of His Bitcoin Push service; because He saw that the economy was stumbling due to the lockdown phase; and let the Bitcoin price grow to 67,000 US dollars; until He firstly could foresee; that a war was imminent; and secondly He noticed the ingratitude of the government leaders; who wanted to expropriate His magic and very valuable future technologies for free; but did not want to pay Him a cent for His services for reasons of greed, racism, envy, resentment, disrespect. And it is precisely for this reason; that Ptah Kidane has built this website, because firstly for His most loyal Bitcoin diplomats; who became much richer through His Bitcoin Pushing from October 2020 to November 2021; and know exactly who the true magician is, and secondly; He wants to distribute wealth in abundance worldwide for His future game "Win or Win". So the Muslims are also right; when they say; that God is great. This means that God loves all people at the same time; and gives everyone easy access to abundant prosperity. And Christians are also right when they say believe and you will see. Once Ptah Kidane's countdown counter on His website; has been settled by the world's government leaders; then He will make all people feel God at the same time. 

As an unbeliever at the time, Ptah Kidane has now received all the answers; but the Vatican and all the religions; that were developed 1000 BC; do not like the answers at all. For this reason, Ptah Kidane has no intention of founding a new religion; as this would waste too much time; because the order he received from the first creator god Atum Ra is; to produce the gravity generating machine. Unfortunately, Ptah Kidane can never cooperate with the German government; because they are one of those ungrateful people; who would prefer to steal His magic and future technologies. Since His magic can never be transferred; or stolen; He has decided to return to His fatherland Eritrea; where He can at least eliminate racism to protect Himself from His evil magic; especially the whole humanity. 

In this website, He has left a lot of information in His biography pages which are very important for all human beings. The reader should go through them and find the answers she/he has always been missing. By the way, the reader will notice that the media is using the words of Ptah Kidane. This game has been going on for over two years; because the government leaders want to sell Ptah Kidane's magic; as their work; but He has long since finished the test version of His first Bitcoin game; and they have been trying to take over the Bitcoin leadership since November 2021 to date. The Magic of Ptah Kidane is too complicated; because it is a combination of many different skills; but if you don't want to hear it, you have to feel it. You already do, because since that time your attempts at manipulation have been unsuccessful, because the numbers never lie.

You even make it difficult for Him to return to His homeland, even though He has the right to leave Germany forever and to request a disability pension due to His severe cancer. Presumably you hope to gain time to reveal His magic. However, His magic is God-given and unique. But you do not like this truth at all; because Ptah Kidane has the skin color of a Negro. Anyone who believes that racism is a thing of the past; is very much mistaken; because European Christians do not even have any respect for a new messenger of God. Instead of being grateful for His gifts; which are useful for all; they would rather see Him dead, because there is no way they will succeed in robbing Him of His magic and future technologies. Lord, for you do not know what you are doing.