Countdown: 350.000.000.000,- Euro

What is the best of Service to expect from BTC/ Crypto Ptah Kidane Magic?

BTC Ptah K uses clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis; hypnosis in the metaphysical plane to open the Bitcoin / Crypto Luck Portal; with the help of Creator God Atum Ra

During the game you will receive from me the motivations and warnings necessary for this game to minimize losses. One of my metaphysical abilities; is to see into the future; which is particularly useful to avoid unexpected dangers. My most urgent wish is to get the Bitcoin price to over $100,000; just as I did with the first game, where my goal was to get the Bitcoin price to $60,000; I will guide you until; that goal is reached. The magic of the Egyptian Sun Kings is invaluable. You are lucky to have me on your team.

Ancient Egyptian magic; which consists of rhetorical Suggestion can neither be copy, transferred nor stolen; because it comes from the Magician’s subconscious

Ptah Kidane's magic has existed since 3100 BC by His blood relative on Ptah's father's side from Memphis (Egypt); who also used telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis, and metaphysical magic to achieve His goals. Without the rhetorical magic of suggestion, no ancient Egyptian magic can work. Therefore, trying to copy or steal Ptah Kidane's magic is pointless! This type of magic is so complicated, because it is made up of different skills. Thanks to genetic inheritance, His successor Ptah Kidane found His magic; and last used it from October 2020 to November 2021; until He stopped continuing His Bitcoin Push magic due to His psychic ability; and the refusal of world leaders to pay Him for His service. In the period from October 2020 to November 2021, He pushed the Bitcoin price up to 67,000 US dollars. In His next Bitcoin game; He plans to push the Bitcoin price to over 100,000,-$; as soon as the 100 million most powerful people on His website have downloaded the standing countdown app download; so that He can use His Ancient Egyptian magic again. Above all, His goal is to produce the Gravity Generation Machine; because it will help humanity save our species from the impending Armageddon. In addition, it allows space exploration new perspectives to travel further and more easily in space. The gravity generation machine opened many doors; and only Ptah Kidane has the concept; and the divine blessing of his first creator god Atum Ra to create it. Sooner or later, the heads of state will have to come to an agreement; because only Ptah Kidane masters this magic. All you have to do is open an account where you can buy and sell the Bitcoin. Of course, the people can buy and sell through the banks, but the bank will want to earn money; which is why the people can expect less profit. As soon as Ptah Kidane has received His money from the world's heads of state, He will let them know when and in what strategy to play, and prosperity will be felt in abundance worldwide. At the moment, He has many imitators who want to copy His past deeds. But this is futile, because His magic is so rare that His next successor will not appear for over 7000 years. You can therefore count yourself lucky to be able to experience this time. His enemies cheat without shame; while it is you who want to sell His past deeds as yours. However, because only He controls this magic, and is the sole owner of the solutions for the future technologies, His enemies can do nothing but spread lies until you finally have no choice but to pay for His Bitcoin Push service, and the production of His future technologies (gravity generating machine, self-charging battery, ....).

Bitcoin Ptah Kidane’s Mission with the gravity generation machine is an Atum Ra Divine Mission; because humanity is threatened by at least one impending Supervolcano. Ptah Kidane received this future technology from the Creator God Atum Ra

Ptah Kidane's mission is a divine mission, which is why he is a divine emissary of the first creator god Atum Ra, who first appeared to His great-great….. great-great-granduncle Ptah on his father's side. He was the developer of the concept of the black Benben pyramid stone. He left many inventions to his descendants, from which we still benefit today. And now Ptah Kidane is His successor, continuing His work. The hurdles he has to overcome are racism; because he is a native Eritrean and therefore has a dark skin color; and the return to his home country Eritrea; because he is not respected by the German government at all; and they want to steal his service. To be able to steal from Ptah Kidane, you have to have His subconscious, and even then the thieves can't do anything with it because they can't see His matrix. All imitators and thieves are currently in checkmate, because without paying Ptah Kidane the 200 billion euros, there are neither the simple Bitcoin profits, nor will you ever be able to produce His future technologies, because only He knows the solutions. Ptah Kidane does not belong to any of today's religions; because the religion of His ancestor Ptah 3100 BC is considered extinct. It was the first religion, and Ptah founded it back then, which is why He has nothing to do with the Vatican God, Allah, Buddha, Shiva and all religions that emerged after Christ.
He also has no intention of founding a new religion, but only to fulfill His divine mission to create the gravity generating machine and spread prosperity in abundance worldwide. However; before He starts His Bitcoin Push service; He wants to be paid for His Ancient Egyptian magic; otherwise the whole world will have to wait. The start of the magic thus depends on the world's government leaders because they are the ones who prefer to steal from Him before allowing Him to use His God-given magic. That is why He has decided to return to His homeland, Eritrea, so that He can make good use of the waiting time. If you are in a hurry to get your hands on the easy winnings, all you have to do is stick together and put pressure on your governments to pay Ptah Kidane so that you can win big. Because spread around the world, the 200 billion euros for what the unique Bitcoin magician Ptah Kidane is offering in return, and you get back in Bitcoin/ crypto/ including exchange profits worldwide, is almost nothing. No matter how fate wants to twist or turn, there is no other way out. The countdown must be brought to zero; then your profit is GUARANTEED.

If you can motivate, you can also work miracles!!

Bitcoin Ptah Kidane